I have been painting since I was a child. My family introduced me into the world of art through poetry, painting, and antiques. As a child I had three uncles that made a living painting murals in cathedrals, selling antiques, and wrote poetry. These three men where a huge influence in my life as an artist and as a person.

After achieving my first degree in Architecture in Mexico city. I enrolled into Bellas Artes schools for the arts to get a BFA. I soon moved to the United States and began to work as a freelance artist for more than twenty years. I’m currently working on my MFA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University.

My work has been shown through out the United States and in Mexico over the years. I plan to keep on working on my career as an artist but I also want to teach. One of my goals is to show the rest of the world the beauty of art and how is can make life so much more fulfilling.